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Solutions to Lifes' Pollutions - Sense Making Cents:

Clean up and prevention of environmental degradation - simple, cost-effective methods . . .

Sutton Energy Corporation - Soil Remediation Units and Municipal Solid Waste (to Energy) Plants

Will you consider, review, plan, get informed on the solutions to contaminated soil and landfills . . .

Land, Water, Air...Life - it's all we've got!

Information widely distributed:

Its by-product (char) increases agricultural yield.

There is no water OR air pollution [wet &/or dry scrubbers].

Proprietary uses include: charcoal black for inks, activated charcoal for filters.

Sell energy BACK to the utility grid.

San Antonio, the Border Environmental Cooperation Commission, NADBank, TNRCC, Kelly AFB, the State of Texas and close to 200 municipalities around OUR country have all seen what we have to offer:
Soil remediation instead of contaminated land, and an integrated municipal solid waste plant instead of landfills (bubbling pimples on the soil).
Join me in informing elected officials and polluting businesses that there IS
a way to clean up and prevent environmental degradation in our lifetime!

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