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AREM Enterprises


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Sutton Energy Corporation - Clean Up and Prevention of Environmental Degradation
Soil Remediation Units - SRU's AND Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Plants - MSWP's.

Thermal Disposition (see diagram)

Our Business Philosophy

Sutton Energy Corporation (Mr. Sutton) has agreed to contract and is exploring the options available through the Export/Import Bank. (We will forward a tape of the demonstration unit . . . there are eight sites operating in the States that have DOE certification).

Finance Plan

1) Pay back the original $60 Million cost.
2) Pay back the interest over a 20 year term.
3) Provide for "operating expenses.
4) Purchase of land, leases, compliance.

The energy produced is a bonus !!!
Extra money . . . WIN WIN WIN situation !!!

Item Description:

Thermal Disposition System for
Municipal Solid Waste - 60 Tons per Hour -
Services a city of up to One Million!
This is an entire system for recycling and disposing
of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).
It is founded on the fact that salvage of waste,
if accomplished correctly, equals big bucks.

Here are the four goals of the system:

* Recycle desired materials from the waste stream,

* Reduce the volume of the waste stream by thermal

* Produce a usable, environmentally acceptable
by-product known as Char, and

* Produce recoverable heat/energy.

The waste materials utilized can vary significantly,
including yard wastes, plastics (such as diapers),
wood, paper, mixed municipal trash, rubber,
cardboard, and cloth.

[Toxic, Hazardous, Medical AND Nuclear Wastes, too]!

Materials recovered from the waste stream prior to
Thermal Processing include ferrous metals, non-ferrous
metals, and glass, all salvage opportunities unto themselves.

There are three basic areas of equipment and operations:

Recycling and Feed Preparation,
Thermal Processing, and
Emissions Control.

"The sands of time are trickling away from
our dear mother Earth and yet we continue
to fight amongst ourselves and destroy
our natural environment, leaving all the
mess for our children and their children's
children to inherit when we're gone?"


Municipal Solid Waste Plants in use in the United States:

US Naval Ammunition Depot, Concord, CA.
Whiting Brothers Land & Timber Co. Eager, AZ.
Plumb Creek Lumber Co. Pablo, Montana
United Quick Co. Humboldt, NV.
Lockheed Aircraft Corp. San Fernando, CA.
Ford Motor Co. Assembly Plant, Milpitas, CA.
Marcal Paper Mill, Elmwood, NJ. (June 85)
Report # DOE/CE/15126-T4, DE95013429

Thermal Disposition - Flowchart

Point of Contact