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Stress Management
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Welcome to Stress Management:
simple, cost-effective methods
for the reduction of everyday stresses . . .

Dedicated to promoting personal peace.
Strestix@ Brand Products and Tools.
Seminars / Consulting / Group Discounts . . .

"Stress Sticks" - Rub Out the effects
of frustrations, anxieties, irritations . . .

"Pastoral Scene/Quote Cards" - Take a second,
relax, clear your mind [10-15 seconds max]

Seminars / Consulting - $40: Introduction (free)
4-1 Hour Sessions [Products, Tools, Booklets - Extra]

Stress Management Logo

If not you, who?
If not now, when?
If not, why not ???
We can't get out of the stew we are in until we get out of the stew. They can't look down their nose, if we look up our knows.

Customer Accolades

Mr. Bacon just seems to "be there" . . . he understands.
Jill Coggs - Omaha, NE

Stress Management, prior to the need - yep, don't hafta go to a licensed practitioner; can do it myself !
Jake Springer - Denton, TX

Simple, cost-effective methods . . . make 'em up yourself as you go along - how simple can you get !!!
Mary Ricks - Boston, MA

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